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By, Charlie Timmens 02 August, 2022

Sleepy eyes is the new makeup trend

I’m sure you’re trended out by now, but hear us out. The sleepy eyes makeup look may not have the sexiest name, but it might be crowned as the sexiest eyeshadow hack yet. No, this trend does not involve you having restless nights on end, it's a more seductive and glamorous take on actually looking, well — sleepy. Trust us, we were as sceptical as you are right now, however, this trend has legs… (metaphorically, of course, we promise only eyes will be used in the making of this).

It’s not every day that we have to look cute as a button, some days we want to look sultry and mysterious and this is exactly what sleepy eyes give you. It’s honestly the lazy girl eyeshadow hack of dreams…

For context, you may already be familiar with siren eyes, which have been crowned as the new it thing on the beauty corner of TikTok. With siren eyes, it’s all about elongating the eye and giving it a lifted, sweeping effect. It's angled out to create a heavy, sultry feel that softens the gaze without you having to move a single eye muscle. Then of course there is the doe eyes trend – the adorable little sister to the siren – which makes eyes more rounded and more widened, with a dot of highlighter in the inner corner and a creamy-coloured kohl pencil brightening the waterline.

Sleepy eyes are like a silent take on the siren eyes, they’re on that same sexy, sultry wave, but with a darker spin to it. There is less lifting, and the shadow should drag the eyes across in a straight line, rather than upwards and angled, to elongate them so much that they almost look closed — or shall we say, sleepy. You can even amp it up with a faux dark under-eye circle effect. The look itself is slightly less slick and controlled than the siren. It’s a little more smudged and a little less contrived, for that full authentic feel. Realistically, who wakes up with perfectly lined eyes? *shoulder shrug*. 

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